What is a character?

A character is something more than just Bob. Bob has a story, just like everyone else. I feel that I have to really get to know my characters before I can start to write with them. Writing a character to me is like introducing yourself to a new person: you have to slowly learn their name, interests, likes, hobbies, and dislike before you can really go and tell everybody about them. If you want to discover how they react to others, set aside a little time to just stop and think about what they would do if someone told them that their parents just died. Would you know your character well enough to predict his reactions? Would he cry? Would he be relieved? Or would he smile, because maybe perhaps HE killed his parents! I feel that as an author, you really have to know all of your characters. Yes, that includes the fictional ones! Just because Sir George is a knight who serves King Diddy in the kingdom of Pumpkinhead doesn’t mean you should just slop over his development.


~ by w1s3r on February 15, 2010.

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