Short Story Beginning

The man sat in the glorious, heavenly room quietly, musing over his fate. He scowled at the ticking clock–the wretched thing was driving him crazy. Why couldn’t they just put in a digital clock, one that didn’t have to echo menacingly over his fate? He thought this was supposed to be heaven…so why did they have a clock that should have belonged to the devil’s office?

The man sighed, and stared out the window. What were they going to do with him? He had been good! He had watched over her, protected her, gave her the respect she deserved, and made her the most spoiled woman on the planet. He gave his heart to her, and she gave him both her love and part of her shadow. Bingo! He was now considered worth saving!

But he had accomplished the most difficult and the most important thing of all: he had changed for her!

Or rather, she had changed him. It was because of her kind, gentle spirit that had caused the man to reach out to this strange woman. Even since he had figured out that his shadow was gone, he had been trying to do everything to get it back. He knew that if he had failed his mission on Earth, he would not be very happy in the afterlife. What Dante never knew was that there weren’t nine rings of hell–there was a tenth one, reserved especially for Shadow Heirs who had failed to get their shadow back.

The man figeted nervously, hoping they would come to him soon. He wanted to know if his hard work had paid off! After all, they just couldn’t blame the car crash on him. The fact that he was here was bad…but he had let his Angel die! This was the most grevious of sins! But he had changed for her! He was a completely different man now! Surely they wouldn’t condemn him after all of his hard work?

Would they?

An angel pushed through the door, and poked his head in. “Uhhh, Kyle? The Council wants to see you.”

Kyle swallowed hard, fear in his brown eyes as he slowly followed the angel to the Council room. He ran a hand through his auburn curls, hsi thoughts racing. What would they do to him?

The woman paced the floor, glancing at the clock anxiously. Fifteen minutes until the trial! Fifteen minutes until they decided his fate! She knew her fate already. Her mission was complete: find a man and give him back his shadow. Cause him to change. Make sure that he remains changed and then he will gain his shadow back. After that, the legend said that they would both ascend to the highest courts of everlasting love and happiness.

But the car crash had put everything in jeapordy. She was now uncertain of his fate. It wouldn’t be fair to deny him of his reward that he had worked so hard for! She had watched him transform from a bitter, angry man with a foul, short temper into a kind, caring person who suddenly devoted his whole life to making her happy. He had done a complete turn around. He could now be saved!

The woman watched the clock tick by slowly, still pacing anxiously. There came a knock on the door. “Come in, please,” the woman said softly, stopping her pacing to look at the door.

The door swung open, and in stepped an angel. “Rin, the Council wants to talk to you.”

Rin allowed a rare frown to cross her gorgeous features. “What do they want?” she asked.

The angel blinked in surprise. Rin was the person who did what she was told, not the one asking questions and being defiant! “I’m not sure,” he admitted truthfully.

Rin’s face suddenly twisted into an uncharacteristic look of anger, brushing a chestnut curl out of her moss-green eyes. “Get out of my way! If they’re going to throw him out because of that dumb, STUPID car crash, they’ll have to get past me first!” she yelled furiously as she pushed past the surprised angel and stormed toward the Council room.

The angel who was standing sentry looked at Rin’s furiously retreating form and back to the messenger angel. “Whoa. I never knew she could even bring herself to talk back to anyone!” he exclaimed.

“That’s what makes her an Angel, I guess. They’re kind and sweet in general, but they turn really ugly if you start to mess around with their Shadow Heir,” the messenger replied.

Kyle timidly entered the golden, circular Council Room. Nine faces silently observed him. Kyle swallowed, but relaxed slighly at their kind, sympathetic expressions. Two large, magnificent thrones occupied the center of the room, leaving no question as to who they were reserved for. A third one, the one on the left, had been destroyed, leaving a charred mark on the polished, marble throne. The thrones were empty at the moment, Kyle noted. But should he be relieved or worried at the sight?

He heard someone shouting in the distance. He blinked, and turned his head toward the direction of the voice. The doors leading to the outside of the Council Room were still open, allowing Kyle to see who was shouting. His jaw dropped.

It was Rin! Shouting! Kyle looked around uneasily–was it the end of the world already? Why wasn’t the sky falling? The nine faces looked unconcerned. Kyle didn’t know if he wanted to pass out or run like crazy. He had known Rin for a long time, and she had never raised her voice over anything! He caught brief snatches of her words.

“…the car crash wasn’t even his fault! I was already sick to my stomach and weak as a fish, and we were going to the hospital in the first place when that moron of a drunk driver hit us! I’m NOT gonna stand by and twiddle my thumbs like a good Angel and let them send him off to his doom! They’ll have to take me out if they even want to touch him! Do you understand me? I’m NOT going to allow this maddness to happen! This is insanity! It was the drunk driver who killed me, not Kyle!”

The angel who had escorted Kyle to the Council Room started at Kyle. “She’s an Angel?” he whispered in confusion.

“I have never seen Rin do this!” Kyle confessed weakly. “Normally, I’m the one who is yelling and shouting!”

Suddenly, they both gasped at who Rin was yelling at. “What is she doing?” Kyle croaked.

“Being brave and stupid!” the angel whispered back as they stared stupidly at the two beings who Rin was yelling at.


~ by w1s3r on February 26, 2010.

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  3. Hmmm….reminds me of a certain someone with a certain sentimental attachment to a polished mask…

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