What Happened Before Dragons…

The emperor wandered the garden, enjoying the sunlight. He wore a long, yellow robe, and had an equally long, white beard. Wise and wrinkled, the Son of Heaven was the most respected man in all of the East.

But he would be nowhere without his Imperial Dragon.

The emperor smiled at the thought of his friend. The long, lean body with scales of brilliant shades of turquoise, amethyst, silver, and moss green, complete with wise, yellow eyes, and a deep, calm voice. The dragon spoke rarely in public, but the emperor recalled with fondness their long conversations here in this garden.

A problem had arisen: the Imperial Dragon had been acting strangely. He had not come out of the gardens, and his food remained untouched. He had not even disturbed the emperor.

The emperor frowned, wondering if the dragon was sick. He slowly wandered around the garden, but the dragon was no where in sight. “My friend,” the emperor called. “My friend, where are you?”

There was no reply. These were the gardens of  the Imperial Dragon: no one, not even the emperor, was allowed in here without the dragon’s permission. Strange, the door had been open when he had walked in, and the emperor had heard the dragon pacing around. But why wasn’t the dragon responding to the emperor? True, the majestic creature rarely spoke, but he was the emperor! The dragon’s student! The dragon would at least have the manners to let the emperor know where he was.

The emperor frowned again as worry hit him. Was the dragon really ill? If he was, then the emperor’s days were severly numbered.


~ by w1s3r on April 2, 2010.

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