Faerie Prisoner

The room was dark and cold, covered in slime.

Leif looked around his small, gloomy cell in dispair. Immortality was suddenly a curse, not a blessing. He couldn’t die; Gabriel wouldn’t kill him yet. The Queen wanted the Princess safely back under her control before Leif would be allowed to die.

Leif  had completed his mission, to the Queen’s fury. The Princess had been successfully reunited with her father. Together, they would seige the palace, and overthrow the Queen. The Faerie King would be on the throne once more, and peace would rule throughout the land for many long years to come.

But there was no news from the Princess. The Queen had grown stronger than ever before.

What hope did Faerie have?

What hope did Leif have? How would he know if the Princess hadn’t abandoned him? He was a half-blood, after all. His mother was a Faerie duchess, but his father was an Elf warrior. Elf and Faerie! Leif was still astonished that he was still breathing.


~ by w1s3r on April 23, 2010.

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