Faerie Princess

The room was dimly lit, the silvery moon peeking through the long, velvet drapes of dark blue. Only a small candle, its amber glow a sharp contrast to the moonlight, served as the only other source of light.

The Princess sat silently on the dark blue couch. She seemed to be waiting for someone, staring at the large, wooden door in impatience. Her slender frame was wrapped in a long, elegant gown of sapphire blue, the same color as her stunning eyes, and decorated with small jewels on the high collar. Her elegant fingers were entwined into the long, coppers curls that fell to her waist.

With a sigh, she glared at the clock. Her thin, copper eyebrows drew together as she noticed the time. Where was he?! He told her that he would be meeting her here an hour ago!

She shifted her frustrated gaze from the elegant clock back to the intimidating doors. She would go looking for him, but after last night’s disaster, the Queen had ordered her to be under careful watch. This meant that the doors would be locked and under heavy guard.

The Queen. The Princess shivered at the thought of the witch she had to call Mother. How could you be so wrapped up in yourself that you banish your own husband from the kingdom? Now, she was trying to force her only daughter, the next Queen by law, into marriage with Gabriel. He would then take her far, far away, and she would never come back.

She would never restore her father to the throne.

The King was kind and fair, always making everyone smile. But he had interfered with the Queen’s “plans”, and had been exiled to the Mortal World. The Princess had lost all hope of seeing her beloved father–until Leif came along.

A quiet knock on the door jolted her from her thoughts. In stepped her hated fiance, Gabriel.

She scowled at him. “What are you doing here?” she said sourly.

“I thought you were expecting me, Your Royal Highness,” Gabriel said smoothly, sweeping  low, graceful bow from the waist. His glowing silver eyes seemed brighter tonight, and his black-streaked curls seemed to be more defined than ever. It was as if Gabriel had deliberately curled his streaks of black with a curling iron, although the Princess knew he had done no such thing.

Gabriel was planning something.

The Princess knew that. Gabriel’s light, airy hair of stunning silver seemed to reflect his mood.The raven black streaks had appeared once he had been messing around with Dark Magic, and though the rest of his hair was straight, those odd, black streaks were in defiant curls.

He had known about her secret meeting with Leif tonight! “I wasn’t expecting you, Gabriel. I was waiting for someone else.” Disdain dripped from her words as she tried to mask her frustration.

“Someone else?” Gabriel asked, moving closer to her slowly. He arched one pencil-thin, black eyebrow at her. “Who on earth would arrange to see you at this hour, milady?”

“Are you suggesting something?” she bristled.

Gabriel held up his long-fingered hands, crystal rings shimmering in protest. “I’m not suggesting that you’re an unpleasant person to be around at such a late time! It just sounds very…suspicious.” Her scowl deepened, and he quickly added, “Although I would love to be around you all day!”

She snorted at his comment. “I was going to meet with a friend, Gabriel. Who I see is none of your business.”

“Your mother might want to know about this,” Gabriel cautioned. “I don’t think she would approve of this!”

“Mother doesn’t approve of anything I do that wasn’t under her specific orders,” the Princess said bitterly.

Gabriel pursed his lips, almost replying to her statement. He thought better of it, however, and changed his mind. Witha  sigh, he moved so that he was now directly behind her. “The Queen’s only trying to protect you from harm, milady.”


~ by w1s3r on April 27, 2010.

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