Hi! This is w1s3r! I would greatly appreciate it if you spread the news about my blog!! I would like people to view and comment on my writing. Akismet and I are having a few problems, but I’m trying to get them all sorted out! So, feel free to view, and PLEASE give me comments! Do you like my writing? How about what I write about? Would you like to see me write about something in specific? Comment, comment, comment! I will get back to you as soon as I can, but comment! I really need help with my writing and work, so if all of my viewers would please help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!


~ by w1s3r on May 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “Support!”

  1. I have built a website and I was thinking of changing the template.Yours looks pretty decent! Feel free to visit my blog and suggest things!

  2. I hope you never stop! this is one of the best websites Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest websitegers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

    • Wow! I’m flattered! I glad that you appreciate my writing style–I wanted to write about something other than my life. It’s what makes this blog different, I guess.

  3. Awsome website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

  4. I wish I found before ! Your site is very informative, thanks.

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