The Bandit Is Stuck!

Author’s Note: Okay, readers! Feast your eyes on this chaotic sloppiness! I am half-asleep, but this has to get out! Try to make sense of it, and tell me how I can make it better, please! Enjoy!

She was trapped. Trapped and stuck.

The heavy, metal chair had been bolted and cemented to the floor. Her slender legs, chained to the cold, metal legs of the chair with steel chain of thick, harsh material. Her arms, forced above her head, and chained to the ceiling with a pair of cruel handcuffs. A metal clamp wrapped around her delicate waist.

The great Shelly Vandez, master of escaping impossible situations, was stuck. As impossible as it was, The Bandit had been captured and chained.

Shelly sighed, and huffed at a stray curl of long, sunset red. It hung in her glowing, moss-green eyes. Mocking her. Daring her to escape. But Shelly couldn’t do it. No one knew where she was. Not her dear brother, her twin, Petral. They had just been reunited after fifteen years of forced separation by their monstrous uncle. He had taken Shelly in as a gymnastic performer, but ended up enrolling her in the military at a young age. Petral had stayed with their parents, transforming himself into a brilliant computer programmer and scientist.

This was how Archie found them.

He stumbled upon Petral at a science meet. He met Shelly while she was trying to avoid her uncle for the upteenth time. Archie brought the two long-lost siblings together, giving them jobs and protection. No one would have ever guessed that the gorgeous Shelly, innocent secretary for the rich and famous Archibald Galitan, was The Bandit. Or that the smart, handsome Petral had invented several of The Bandit’s most menacing weapons.

Everyone was afraid of The Bandit. Then again, everyone worked for General Buchanan, Archie’s sworn enemy, and the evil man who controlled half of the city. The Bandit fought against Buchanan, and gave back the people what they had grown to fear the most: hope, love, and respect. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–THEIR personal happiness! Not the happiness of Buchanan.

These thoughts of the past rolled around Shelly’s head like a stray basketball. Then, one thought gave her hope.

They may have caught her….but they would never make her talk!

“Aaargh! Where’s the paperwork for the new ray gun? Why don’t I have that application right here? Someone find me the layout for the new science lab!” Archie yelled, fists clenched. He wasn’t doing well; something was clearly getting to him. His pale face was bright red and sweaty. He hadn’t shaved in a few days. The pale employee, Larry,  in front of him stammered out something about not knowing where they were. It wasn’t what Archie wanted to hear.

“I’m surrounded by MORONS!” he roared. “Where’s Shelly?!”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that  Archie was a mess, Larry observed silently.

Petral rushed into to room, clutching a small pile of papers “I have the paperwork for the new ray gun here, the Skell-o-tech application for the completion for the CyGenetic project is here also, and I finished sketching the layout for that new science lab in the east cellar, sir!”

The flabbergasted Larry stared at Petral in astonishment. “How did you find all of those?!”

“Shelly had them in her desk, neatly filed,” Petral responded with a small smile.

“Oh, thank goodness I have you, Petral! Where’s your sister?!” Archie demanded.

Petral looked a bit nervous, and bit his lip. Uh-oh. Archie was about to get some really bad news!

“We can’t find her, sir. She’s been gone for a week,” he said quietly.

“WHAT?!” Archie roared, going purple.

Archie relied on Shelly very heavily. He needed Shelly like a flower needed the sun! Shelly organized. She talked him through things. She helped him make hard choices. She prevented Archie from have a mental breakdown every time something went wrong. If things went wrong, Shelly took care of them. Shelly kept this business together. Archie didn’t know what he would do without her right there!

But Shelly wasn’t there. She hadn’t returned for a week. A whole seven days! 168 hours without her! This was impossible!

No wonder Archie was such a wreck, Larry thought.

Petral swallowed nervously. “She’s been captured by Buchanan’s men, and being interrogated as we speak.” The scientist’s cold, clipped voice was cracking! It was actually cracking!

Larry expected the world to end right there. Shelly had failed to complete a mission, had been captured, and was being tortured. Petral-cold, icy Petral-looked like he was about to cry. Archie looked as withered as a dry tomato plant left out in the cold.


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  2. Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. this is really a great blog.

    • Wow, thanks phentermine! I am really happy that you enjoyed what I have written and that there are people out there who think my blog is fantastic!

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