A Word of Warning…

Hi. This is w1s3r. Just a note to all you newcomers….this is a creative outlet. Like it should say at the top. This is where I put my ideas. This is how I improve my writing skills. If you came here to see my personal life, too bad. My personal life is a bit boring, and has none of the excitement like the stories on this blog. Contained in this blog are starts of stories. I doubt that they will be completed, but if you have any suggestions on how I should continue the story, I am more than willing to hear what you have to say, and will happily continue the tale.  I am flattered that I have people reading and enjoying my stories.

I am a big dragon lover, and have always loved the tales with dragons in them. As such, they have a tendency to pop up on this blog a lot. If you are sick of the dragons and want me to be more diverse, please tell me via comments on this post. If you want it to stay the same with the dragons, comment on this post. I take your comments very seriously, and would like to please my readers. But…I don’t want sparkly vampires. My vampires catch on fire in the sun, can’t touch crosses, and sleep in coffins with the soil of their native homeland. If you want me to write about these bloodsuckers, I must keep them traditional. I may be diverse with my dragons….but I won’t monkey with vampires. I’ll leave that to Stephanie Meyer.



~ by w1s3r on September 7, 2010.

7 Responses to “A Word of Warning…”

  1. hi again


  2. gonna send this to my mom

  3. You might be interested in holyworlds.org, perhaps. 😉

  4. i see what you did there

  5. give me now

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