Zombie Marshmallow Squad

Author’s Note: This is a Halloween story. I just made this up. You guys who have faithfully been following this site should know that what you’re about to read is going to be a little off. Happy October! Read, enjoy, and comment!

The night was warm. It was Halloween, but they sky was empty. There was no silvery moonlight to light up the night. Trick-or-treaters roamed the streets, creatively dressed.

Yet, somewhere in the graveyard, a new kind of creature was emerging. The ground creaked and rumbled. Something was coming out of the graveyard!

The creatures looked like humans, but they had thick, white skin. Their eyes were similar to candy corn: the whites were white, the irises were orange, and the pupils were yellow. They had hair the color of a ripe pumpkin, and were dressed in loose, black pants, black jackets, and black shoes. A total of thirteen stood in the once-empty graveyard.

The Zombie Marshmallow Squad had risen again.

Once, they had been mere marshmallows, left alone from a camping group. Candy corn had been placed next to them, and pumpkin slices were over their heads. Left outside on Friday, October 13th, on the night when there was no moon, lightning had struck the same place. Six times.

Thus, they had came into existence, roaming the world on such cursed nights. No moons, Friday the 13, and every single night of October were the times they were permitted to enter the world of mortals.


~ by w1s3r on October 1, 2010.

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