Snow Angel: A Christmas Story

The first snow of the year fell silently around the small house. The woods loomed all around them. From her position on the porch, Allison looked up at the sky. With a blanket wrapped around her slender frame, she bravely  endured the cold and gave off the impression of waiting anxiously for something. He hadn’t forgotten her, had he?

One snowflake, bigger and whiter than the rest, fell down to the ground. It swirled happily through the sky, carried to the house by a small, personal gust of wind. The snowflake landed directly at Allison’s feet. The cold, icy wind blew past her, causing her to shut her eyes against it.

Allison slowly opened her eyes, and smiled at the sight in front of her.

He was tall, and elegant, his skin, hair, and clothes decked in an icy-blue sheen. His eyes were a deep, dark blue, and he took her hands in his. His touch was cool and comforting. His white hair, despite his youthful face, was frozen into stiff spikes.

But the most wonderful features were the two glorious wings of snowflakes and icicles that were held behind him. The tips towered over his head, and it was hard to believe that something so fragile-looking could support anything in flight.

After several long months apart, Allison and her beloved Snow Angel were reunited. They embraced each other tightly.

The Snow Angel ran his thin, blue fingers through Allison’s long, chestnut curls. “It’s been far too long, Allison,” he murmured, his voice like the whisperings of snowstorms and colliding icicles. “Spring came much too early, and Fall lingered for long, wretched days.”

“So the seasons themselves wish to keep up apart as well?” Allison asked queitly, her spring-green eyes darkening with worry.

“It appears so,” the Snow Angel said.

Without warning, the door to the house burst open. A tall, gaunt man with cruel features raged toward the couple. He stabbed an accusing finger at the Snow Angel. “You! Get away from her!” he barked.

The Snow Angel’s dark blue eyes bore into the man’s face. “I mean her no harm, Jared,” he said. He held up his hands in protest, and reluctantly took a few steps  away from Allison.

A small, golden flame emerged from the lighter in Jared’s hand. He headed menacingly toward the Snow Angel.

Allison took one blue hand in hers, and pressed it to her lips. “Be safe,” she whispered.

The Snow Angel nodded sadly, looking away from Jared, and giving Allison a sad smile. “I will,” he said. A gust of icy wind blasted through the porch, forcing Allison a nd Jared to shut their eyes.

“He’s gone!” Jared exclaimed, rounding on Allison angrily. “Where did he go to?”


~ by w1s3r on December 10, 2010.

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