Clearing Things Up…

Okay, guys. Askimet has overloaded me with a bunch of your comments, and now I would like to clear a few things up, seeing as you guys have posted a lot of the same stuff. My Theme is ChaoticSoul.

1. If you would like to copy my FORMAT or BLOG WRITING STYLE, like the THEME and SET UP, that is perfectly fine. I encourage you to do so, I would be very flattered.

2. If you want to post my CONTENT…that’s iffy. PLEASE check with me first. If you give me the credit and refer or give a link to the post you got it from, that’s fine. DO NOT STEAL MY WORK!!!

3. In regards of posting my content, for now…..the answer is NO!!! I have too many people assuming that it’s okay to use my stuff. Right now, you guys are bugging me, so I will be mean and say no. Give references to the post you got it from, yes, but that’s about it. If you guys start assuming stuff, and take my work….I will be nasty and take it ALL down!

This is the third post on this topic. Please take it seriously. I don’t want to have to take this down and ruin it for everyone just because a few of you pushed my buttons, but I will do it. I WILL NOT tolerate plagerism in the slightest!

Hopefully, this will have cleared things up, and I won’t have to mention this again. I hate being the big, bad wolf.

For those of you just viewing and recommending my blog to other people, keep up the good work. I am flattered by all of your comments.

Thanks, guys!


~ by w1s3r on December 16, 2010.

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