Valentine’s Day Post

I know, it’s after Valentine’s, but hey, at least I’m posting this! This is just a small tidbit, a short story to entertain myself. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this! Tell me what you think!

The quiet girl watches her fellow schoolmates as they fawn over each other on that one special day. They seem to mock her, pointing out that she is the only one in the crowd who doesn’t have a special someone. The girl merely nods, trying to cover up her hurt.

As the years go by, the girl is always alone on Valentine’s Day. Always, she watches from the sidelines as the happy couples stroll by. She patiently waits thorugh out the years.

Her patience was rewarded–she met a special someone. A man like her–quiet, reserved, and unwilling to blend into the crowd.

She has waited for a long time since high school, and now she has finally found her Prince Charming. And knows that their relationship will be much happier than those poor girls in high school.


~ by w1s3r on February 16, 2011.

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