The Count and Rose Again

The Count impatiently walked down the hall, his temper turning more sour with every step. He stopped a passing servant. “Where is my Countess?” he growled angrily.

The servant paled. “Well, I think she’s in her room, sir,” he choked out.

With a huff, the Count pushed past the man and stormed over to a large door with elegant designs carved into the wood. He knocked loudly. “Rose!” he barked. “Come out this instant! I want to talk with you!”

The door opened, and Rose peered out from her room to see her angry husband standing there. “What do you want? I was resting.” Her tone was calm and patient.

“I just got the news that a certain someone–your father–escaped from my dungeons last night,” the Count growled. “It was also the same night you went to bed early  because you weren’t feeling well. That’s very suspicious, Rose.”

Rose stared at him unblinkingly. “Well, you promised me that my father would be free if I married you. We were married three weeks ago and my father still wasn’t at home. Since you had obviously forgotten your promise, I had to take matters into my own hands.”

“It was you who let him out?” the Count roared in disbelief.

Rose remained calm, giving a small smile. “I didn’t realize how nice it was to be a Countess. Apparently, I do have some power here.”

The Count was speechless, blowing in and out like an angry bull. His Countess watched him, seeming slightly amused.

“You don’t look to happy, dear. That temper is not good for your health. Come on,” she said gently, taking one of his thin arms and leading him down the hall. “Let’s get you off to bed.”

“No! I want more of an explanation from you, Rose,” the Count said angrily, pulling away. He pointed a warning finger at her. “Playing that you actually care about me won’t fool anyone. You and I both know that we aren’t exactly the perfect couple.”


~ by w1s3r on April 13, 2011.

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