A Trap For Prince Henry

Rain fell hard on the boggy landscape that lead to the home of the Count. A lone horse and rider raced through the treacherous Marshlands with an air of desperate urgency.

The rider’s silver armor was spattered in mud, and his chestnut mount struggled with his footing. Neither seemed bothered by the rain.

Finally, the Count’s home came into view. The marshy ground became somewhat more solid, giving the horse an extra burst of speed. The pair thundered across the drawbridge and burst into the main hall.

A small group of guards tried to form a wall to prevent the intruders from entering the hall on the right. They were easily steamrolled over by the massive chestnut charger.

The pair clattered down the hall, but the charger stumbled over a small, weedy figure lying face-down on the floor. Whinnying in surprise, the horse landed heavily on the ground. The rider detangled himself from the saddle, pulling out a sword the gleamed brilliant silver in contrast to his muddy armor.

Groaning, Edwin pulled himself to his feet. This was one of the times where he sincerely regretted working for the Count. Yelling wildly, Edwin charged at the powerful figure, winding himself around the man’s ankles.

“Hey!” the armored man protested, kicking Edwin off.

At this point, a massive number of guards dog piled onto the man, knocking the sword away from his grip.

“Excellent work,” said the Count, moving his gaunt body into the hallway. “Our trap has worked: we now have Prince Henry as our guest.” He leered down at the prince, whose helmet has been removed. “You heard the news, I’m assuming.”

“You’re not going to get away with this, Count,” Henry growled, straining for the evil man.

“Well, I’m afraid I have,” said the Count with false sadness. He turned to Edwin. “Wake my Countess, and inform her that we have a visitor. As for the rest of you–take our royal guest down to the dungeons.”

“Leave Rose out of this,” Henry said as Edwin scuttled out of the room.

“You should be proud, Henry: I’m sure my Countess will be pleased to see you. It will probably be the first times she’s smiled in months. What a treat!”

For the thousandth time, Henry wondered how brave, smart Rose managed to marry the horrible man standing in front of him.

The guards dragged him down, down into the dark, damp dungeons.


~ by w1s3r on October 9, 2011.

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