Halloween Special–Winged Cateye

The creature stood silently by the water fountain. The moonlight brought out his features. His black cap, coming up over is hair and extending to his nose. The mask was complete with large, black cat ears and whiskers. The man had huge, catlike eyes of mossy green, lined with black liner and dark make-up. His well-muscled torso was bare, save a slim vest of black, with two slits in the back to make room for midnight wings arching high above him with their bat-like magnificence. His fingers were covered in black gloves, holes in the ed so her could exert his long, sharp claws. His long legs were clad in black leather.

For a long time, the man just stared down at his own reflection.

“Oh, my,” drawled a female voice, interrupting his trance-like state. “Gazing at your reflection again, Cateye? I never would have thought you the vain type.”

A rustle in the bushes caused him to whip around. “Who’s there?” Cateye demanded.

A snow white cat dropped out of one of the many trees surrounding the park’s water fountain. “Only me,” said the cat. “You should have know that, my prince. Or has the curse affected you so much that you’ve forgotten the sound of my voice?”

“Jewel. You shouldn’t be here,” said Cateye. He narrowed his eyes. “Sorry. I was thinking.”

“She won’t come to save you,” Jewel said smugly.

“You don’t know that.” He returned to staring at his reflection.

“My prince, it’s the half-moon on Halloween night. That the deadline to break the curse that sorcereress put on you, you know. And the girl you saved probably hasn’t fallen in love with you, and will never find this place.”

“Why do you have so little faith in her, Jewel?”

“You’re gambling everything for the sake of a girl you saved again and again three days ago? If you bomb this, you can never return home. You will never regain your throne. And you will be stuck like this forever.”

“Marina will come. I know it.” Cateye sounded confident.”You know how much I hate it when you assume things, Jewel.”

“Assuming? Your Highness, if you don’t return home, the kingdom will fall apart! Think of your parents! You have to break this curse–you must stop that sorceress!”

He turned to grin at the white cat. “Like I said, you’re assuming too much. For starts, my brother can rule in my stead, seeing as the sorceress’s curse has corrupted me. Second,if I go back home, the sorceress will just kill Marina and marry me anyway. I got cursed in the first place because I wouldn’t marry that old hag. Oh, and third–I like my new body. I can fly!” He spread his wings.

“What are you doing?” Jewel yowled.

“I’m finding Marina,” Cateye replied. “Tell my parents I’m sorry, but I have a much better chance at saving the kingdom with her by my side. Oh, and I kinda need to be in this body–the powers it gives me are incredible. I’ll get to have so much fun at that Halloween party!”

He pushed off, soaring into the night.

“Cateye, wait!” Jewel yelled. She was too late–he couldn’t hear her. With a sigh, she sat down. “What am I going to do?” she wailed to the water fountain.

It didn’t reply.


~ by w1s3r on October 9, 2011.

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