Stone Prince: Ryan, Ray, and Ritha

(ATTENTION ALL READERS: This story’s fate is in your hands. I,w1s3r, have given you a small tidbit of a possible story that I might continue on my blog. If you wish for it to continue, or if you have any ideas, subscribe and comment. Or you could just send me an email. My email address is found in the ABOUT page, to your right. Happy readings!)


Ray struggled up the last few feet up the cliff. Prince Ryan had climbed up to the top, but didn’t make any move to help her up like he had promised. He was probably dealing with the sorceress, Ray thought.

There was a burst of brilliant green light, blinding Ray as she pulled herself up onto level ground. Ryan was standing in front of her, tall and proud, with his sword out.

“Ryan?” she asked, moving to his side. “What’s wrong?”

Ryan didn’t answer her, remaining still and unmoving. It was hard to see his expression in the darkness.

Sorceress Ritha sneered at Ray. “Ah, it’s my little slave girl. This foolish prince who stole you away has gotten in my way for the last time.”

“What are you talking about?” Ray demanded. She placed a hand on Ryan’s shoulder. “Ryan, what is she–oh!”

She wasn’t touching the soft fabric of his tunic. It was a hard, rough material.

Ryan had been turned to stone!

“Ryan!” Ray turned to face Ritha. “Change him back!”

The sorceress laughed. “Why should I? The prince is frozen there, I get my slave girl back, and then the two kingdoms will be at war with each other over the fate of poor Prince Ryan, fighting to their destruction–and I can rebuild the land, becoming queen!”

Ray was trying hard not to cry. Ryan meant so much to her–he symbolized the hope that she, Ray, could have a life without the sorceress Ritha in it.


~ by w1s3r on November 25, 2011.

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