Magpies and Seagulls

The beautiful bird soared through the sky on graceful ebony wings with bold white streaks. It was a magpie, far more lovely than the ugly crow’s plain black drab or the seagull’s dirty white feathers. Rather, this bird has a gorgeous combination of both black and white on his small body, complete with a long, graceful tail.

“Tee-hee-hee,” snickered the magpie in his light, airy tones, mocking the poor humans who were forced to reside in the buildings of Weber State University. What ugly creatures, humans. The magpie almost pitied them, until he saw a human casually thrown the pitiful remains of his sandwich to a seagull.

“Hyah-hay-hay-hay-hay!” laughed the disgusting white bird as she greedily scarfed down the food. The magpie could never figure out how such a disgraceful feathered brother could ever become the state bird. Seagulls were loud, goofy, and messy. And they were everywhere. It didn’t matter that is was the California gull as the state bird–they didn’t get the memo, as goofing around in the snow was yet another sign of the bird’s despicable habits.

“Hee-hee,” scolded the magpie as he made his way to the pine tree. As to be expected, more seagulls flocked to where the food has been only mere seconds ago, crying out in their laughing cries for a tidbit. The magpie hoped that the human had enough sense not to dump his bag of potato chips to–SHINY!!!

The magpie’s sudden train of thought was promptly forgotten as he swooped down on a shiny paper clip someone had dropped on the pavement. Delighted, he examined it carefully, marveling the way it glimmered in the weak January sun, before scooping it up in his beak and soaring back into the sky to his nest. Oh, his mate would be so proud! Another wondrous bauble to ogle over. It really was turning out to be quite a good day for this unusually warm–GREAT FEATHERS, ANOTHER SHINY!!!

The magpie skillfully swooped down and snatched up the brilliant copper penny with his feet. Not missing a beat, he soared back up into the sky. Two shiny objects in one day! This couldn’t be any–LOTS OF SHINY!!!

The seagull were beside themselves with laughter at the giant display of magpies fighting and squabbling over the dropped jar of glimmering bottle caps.

The magpies didn’t care. A dumb bird like a seagull could never truly appreciate the beauty and value of a shiny object, with beauty magnified by the wonderful gift of sunlight.


~ by w1s3r on January 30, 2012.

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