Summer Feast

The bees hum merrily as they float from

flower to flower, drunk off the sweet smell

of the salvia, the blooming butterfly bushes, and the

photogenic echinacea. They argue not over room or

space, as there is plenty of blossoms for all. Why,

just across the yard is a loud rose-of-sharon demanding

attention. Next to it are several varieties of chrysanthemum

bushes and a few zinnias. Dragonflies zoom alongside the

intoxicated bees, clear and alert as they rest on the ninebark’s

slender branches. The sun sets on the merry scene just as the butterflies

and hummingbirds soar in to enjoy the fuschia hanging from the pots

near the gate overcome with elegant strands of honeysuckle. Crickets chirp

to conclude the feast as the moon silently observes the flower garden.


~ by w1s3r on July 28, 2012.

One Response to “Summer Feast”

  1. very nice prose

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