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Glowing flames leap from the dry mountaintop,

spreading oh-so-very quickly down the side

and across to the side, leaping over

the canyons and hungrily devouring the

houses and possessions in front of it.

Gallant warriors, the firefighters,

bravely step in and use their watery weapons

to extinguish the flames, now mad with a the

desire to destroy. The day has been saved.


Summer Rain

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Summer rain is

often cold and wet,

with dark clouds and

sometimes thunder.

Some plants don’t mind

the sudden drop in temperature,

but all the people can do is

hope that snow doesn’t fall.


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As the daffodils fade away

and the tulips start to wither,

room is made for the annuals

and expanding perennials.

The gorgeous land of the Wasatch Front

is transformed yet again as the mountains

change from brown to a bright green.

Hope is in the air. Spring is here to stay.

An Unlikely Backstabber

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Rose carefully crept down to the dungeon levels. She knew Prince Henry was already down here. Even though she was already married to the Count, Rose still found that she had feelings for Henry.

Using the keys that she had stolen from a guardsmen, she made her way over to Henry’s cell. He looked like he had dozed off.

“Henry,” she whispered.

This jerked him awake. “Rose!” Henry gripped the bars of the cell. “What are you doing down here?”

Rose smiled at him. “I’m setting you free, of course.” She held up the key before using it to unlock the cell.

“Why are you doing this?” Henry asked, clasping her in a tight hug. “Aren’t you coming with me?”

Rose shook her head. “I can’t. I’m married to the Count now, so I need to stay here with him.”

Henry frowned at her. He was obviously unhappy at being reminded of the fact that Rose was married to the Count. “You could come with me. My father could hide you easily.”

“Henry,” she said, looking up into his face. “It would be easier if you got out of here by yourself. You can’t save me.”

The Prince looked frustrated. “But I have to somehow get you away from the Count.”

Rose pulled on his arm, toward the exit of the dungeons. “I’m not going to let this opportunity go to waste. The Count is distracted by the party going on. If you sneak out of here, I’ll go back up to the party and act like I had nothing to do with your escape.”

“But Rose–” Prince Henry started.

Rose surprised him by pressing her mouth to his. It was at that moment that Henry realized that Rose was right. If he was going to get out here alive, he would have to use this opportunity to do it now. If he stayed here any longer, the Count would certainly kill him.

Slowly, Rose pulled away. “I hope you understand.”

Henry nodded. “I do. I love you.”

Rose smiled and touched his face. “I love you, too.” She moved toward the stairs leading to the upper levels of the castle. “Don’t let me find you down here, Henry. I’ll leave the matters of escaping up to you. I need to return to the party before someone notices that I’m missing.”

Henry nodded, showing that he understood. “All right. I’ll go. But promise me you’ll try to stay safe, Rose.”

Rose touched a hand to her heart. “I promise.” She slipped up the stairs, back toward the party.

New Hope For Spring

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The grass was dull and yellow,

not a layer of pretty white snow

to hide the shameful display

when compared to the white

majesty of the Rocky Mountains

high above the humble flower

bed of plain brown dirt in front

of the house. But yet, there

was a glimmer of hope as the

brilliant greens of new

crocuses, tulips, and lovely daffodils

poked their way up, encouraging

spring to hurry up and arrive before

these small sprouts are reburied, and

lose the chance to grow to their full

potential of the lovely season

of spring.


Magpies and Seagulls

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The beautiful bird soared through the sky on graceful ebony wings with bold white streaks. It was a magpie, far more lovely than the ugly crow’s plain black drab or the seagull’s dirty white feathers. Rather, this bird has a gorgeous combination of both black and white on his small body, complete with a long, graceful tail.

“Tee-hee-hee,” snickered the magpie in his light, airy tones, mocking the poor humans who were forced to reside in the buildings of Weber State University. What ugly creatures, humans. The magpie almost pitied them, until he saw a human casually thrown the pitiful remains of his sandwich to a seagull.

“Hyah-hay-hay-hay-hay!” laughed the disgusting white bird as she greedily scarfed down the food. The magpie could never figure out how such a disgraceful feathered brother could ever become the state bird. Seagulls were loud, goofy, and messy. And they were everywhere. It didn’t matter that is was the California gull as the state bird–they didn’t get the memo, as goofing around in the snow was yet another sign of the bird’s despicable habits.

“Hee-hee,” scolded the magpie as he made his way to the pine tree. As to be expected, more seagulls flocked to where the food has been only mere seconds ago, crying out in their laughing cries for a tidbit. The magpie hoped that the human had enough sense not to dump his bag of potato chips to–SHINY!!!

The magpie’s sudden train of thought was promptly forgotten as he swooped down on a shiny paper clip someone had dropped on the pavement. Delighted, he examined it carefully, marveling the way it glimmered in the weak January sun, before scooping it up in his beak and soaring back into the sky to his nest. Oh, his mate would be so proud! Another wondrous bauble to ogle over. It really was turning out to be quite a good day for this unusually warm–GREAT FEATHERS, ANOTHER SHINY!!!

The magpie skillfully swooped down and snatched up the brilliant copper penny with his feet. Not missing a beat, he soared back up into the sky. Two shiny objects in one day! This couldn’t be any–LOTS OF SHINY!!!

The seagull were beside themselves with laughter at the giant display of magpies fighting and squabbling over the dropped jar of glimmering bottle caps.

The magpies didn’t care. A dumb bird like a seagull could never truly appreciate the beauty and value of a shiny object, with beauty magnified by the wonderful gift of sunlight.

Stone Prince: Ryan, Ray, and Ritha

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(ATTENTION ALL READERS: This story’s fate is in your hands. I,w1s3r, have given you a small tidbit of a possible story that I might continue on my blog. If you wish for it to continue, or if you have any ideas, subscribe and comment. Or you could just send me an email. My email address is found in the ABOUT page, to your right. Happy readings!)


Ray struggled up the last few feet up the cliff. Prince Ryan had climbed up to the top, but didn’t make any move to help her up like he had promised. He was probably dealing with the sorceress, Ray thought.

There was a burst of brilliant green light, blinding Ray as she pulled herself up onto level ground. Ryan was standing in front of her, tall and proud, with his sword out.

“Ryan?” she asked, moving to his side. “What’s wrong?”

Ryan didn’t answer her, remaining still and unmoving. It was hard to see his expression in the darkness.

Sorceress Ritha sneered at Ray. “Ah, it’s my little slave girl. This foolish prince who stole you away has gotten in my way for the last time.”

“What are you talking about?” Ray demanded. She placed a hand on Ryan’s shoulder. “Ryan, what is she–oh!”

She wasn’t touching the soft fabric of his tunic. It was a hard, rough material.

Ryan had been turned to stone!

“Ryan!” Ray turned to face Ritha. “Change him back!”

The sorceress laughed. “Why should I? The prince is frozen there, I get my slave girl back, and then the two kingdoms will be at war with each other over the fate of poor Prince Ryan, fighting to their destruction–and I can rebuild the land, becoming queen!”

Ray was trying hard not to cry. Ryan meant so much to her–he symbolized the hope that she, Ray, could have a life without the sorceress Ritha in it.